Go Home My Lover

How are you my dear brother is slow even though we never met just over a day I’ve really missed you .. Desire unstoppable until I do not think you bring your  soluble  this day I sleep like a princess who did not want to wake up from his dream did not want to release all the beauty with you just in dream.. hopefully its the same thing with a dream and I hope it abg healthy and no one any less …

My dear old brother we split apart space and time that makes me always impatient and want to meet with you to think I shout all my heart to even a million miss the tie for you … but I really can not afford .. even though we are far never occurred to I want to turn away from the double mu mu mu even apart from I want us to continue together through the rest of life in our long journey, thankful with what we have to keep each other and love to close the rest of the age that our beautiful story .. Really I want to meet your …

you know,, if I spend a lot of my time with the story that we talked about knitting to those who also have the same sense that we sometimes I waver to stay afloat but not like that they offer delicious that I wanted but sincere love you always made me realize how lucky and grateful I have you … I’m not a woman who was perfect with a million shortage, but you received me with open arms a sincere heart and a smile that very soothing my soul that can make me think you was my soul mate is waiting for because this is not the way and property but because I believe I am a part of you that may be lost during this … Really I love you more than what could occur to you … Hurry back because I really was unable to stem the sense of longing in your …

My dear brother … sorry me if sometimes I’m too selfish to you I’m angry and abysmally uring2an brother would know with all my attitude was all that happens because sometimes I was unable to stem my jealousy when I’m not a top priority is your .. sorry it was me who never know .. all because I do not want to lose you … I want to be part of a separate right from your part pobud counted even an integral part of forever with you .. have you is the best thing in my life … you are part of will never be exhausted and worn timeless,this story into one beautiful story my and our families later .. that I had and even had a beautiful love story which everyone dreams like that ..

O my sweetheart is home so quickly we are no longer separated and this story is no longer a story but a reality ….

There was no word that can, only string out my heart to you that here I sunguh miss you my lover …

“From a lover who loves you”

NB: Excerpts of this letter I took from a shipment that is actually delivered for someone who was in inspired from a true story, Thank you for you there who has sent a love letter is the original.this note I deliberately changed.


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  1. Burian caem berkata:

    Oh.. So sweet…
    Romantic letter..
    Can u give one like this letter? Hehe…

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